CNN adds LED video walls to 'The Situation Room'

CNN adds LED video walls to 'The Situation Room'

vCNN recently upgraded its studio in Washington D.C. with three small pixel pitch LED displays installed by APG Displays, a division of Advanced, to act as video walls. The news organization renovated the studio during election season for the shows, “The Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer and “The Lead” with Jake Tapper, according to a press release.

“CNN’s former LCD modular displays were difficult to shoot. They called on us to rectify the issue with high-resolution LED displays that would allow them to film creative, tight shots of the video wall itself,” David Weatherhead, president of APG Displays, said in the release. “No other network in the world has a studio with 1.2-mm pixel pitch LED videowalls. CNN has truly set the standard for modern television.”

CNN needed displays with higher resolutions that would look good under its camera angles. CNN in particular relies on both zoom shots and camera shifts as opposed to more simplistic techniques where the reporter stands in front of a video wall. CNN’s older LCD displays appeared blurry and created bad color shift effects with the shifting camera. The organization thus selected three bezel free LED displays to correct this situation: one 108-inch diagonal 1.2-pixel pitch Leyard LED display; one 30-inch wide 1.6-mm pixel pitch Leyard LED display; and one 25-inch wide 1.2-mm pixel pitch Leyard LED display.

“We presented CNN with the most innovative displays on the market, and Leyard instantly captured their attention,” Weatherhead said. “Together, we proceeded to conduct a wide array of camera tests to ensure that Leyard’s display technology looked nothing short of stunning on the screen.”

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