What is All The Fuss About LED Walls?

What is All The Fuss About LED Walls?

LET’S BE HONEST HERE – if you are reading this article, chances are you like new technology, and words like digital, line array and LED catch your eye …

So what is the big deal about LED wall technology?

There are a few significant advantages that an LED wall has over a projector, and I’ll highlight a few of them. At the same time, there are also a few issues to be aware of, if you are considering purchasing an LED wall.

The first things to remember about LED walls are that they are a bit different in terms of technology compared to projection. LED walls operate using an emissive versus reflective method when displaying an image.

So why does this matter? A projector works by using an extremely bright light source (lamp or laser) and an imaging panel that is typically .65- to 1-inch diagonal and consists of somewhere between 1 million and 2.3 million pixels jammed into that small area.

The projector is designed to shoot light through the imaging panel and a lens, and then onto a screen or wall. You then see the reflection of that image. One of the major issues with projection, though, is if you want a screen on stage – you typically will have to account for a projector to screen light path where you don’t want things in the way, since they can impede the image from getting to the screen. Think back to when you were young, and used a flashlight and your hand to “project” onto a wall…

By comparison, an LED wall display is made up of multiple panels to assemble a desired screen size – each comprised of thousands of multi-color LEDs. The LEDs directly emit light and generally are surrounded by black area.

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